Being Together – A Retreat

November 16th – 20th 2020

Launde Abbey, Leicestershire, LE7 9XB. With Jane Tillier and Geoff Hopping.

The retreat will be held in the separate stable-block accommodation in the grounds of the beautiful Launde Abbey. All rooms are en-suite. In due course we will provide you with a separate timetable for the Abbey which you will be welcome to participate in should you wish.

Retreat Programme: The whole retreat will include music, meditations, readings, teachings, enquiries and group process. You are asked to contribute to and engage with these. You will also be able to undertake elective individual work from Tuesday.

Monday 16th November – We meet for tea at 4pm after which we will make our contracts, introductions and agreements for the week.

Tuesday 17th February – The theme of today will be Early life. We consider our emergence into something from nothing. We also focus on exploring attachments, trauma, the early environment and the protocols that set the scene for what follows. This will be an opportunity to work with the atmosphere, events and influences from this beginning stage and to consider what reparation is desirable and possible.

Wednesday 18th February – The theme of today will be Life in its fullness. We consider Jung’s ideas about the First and Second half of life. These are psychological rather than strictly chronological stages. Today will be spent reflecting on and linking to past decisions, considering ways in which our culture does not serve us well and ways we can get needs addressed which nurture and foster a more contemplative mind/life. It will take the view that ’success’ needs to be internally rather than externally evaluated and will support people to consider where they might be on this spectrum. We will be exploring about the Persona, the Shadow and the Real Self.

Thursday 19th February – Facing death. Today’s theme will be reflecting on ways we are engaging with our mortality. We will consider some of the ways that ‘living’ might be compromised by ‘making a living’. We will reflect on what it means to live until we die and consider ways that we might be dying before we die.

Friday 20th November – Transitions. We will spend the morning thinking about future care and support before ending with Lunch at 12.30pm.

The values that underpin the retreat will be drawn from a combination of ancient and modern wisdoms. Central to the event will be the primacy of love and the way it fosters connection, the transformation of suffering, the challenge of humility, addressing the power of the Ego, non-duality and the celebration of difference.

Contacts: Geoff can be contacted on or 07766574250 and Jane can be contacted on or 07763171360

You are asked to participate in a 15-minute Skype session with Geoff before making a formal booking. Thank you. The booking form with terms and conditions and full details of payment options will be issued after the Skype call. Total cost £695. This can be paid in full on booking or paid in three instalments – £250 deposit to secure place; £250 by 1st August 2020; balance of £195 by 1st October 2020.